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We have always considered our customers to be part of the large Boromir family, which is why our permanent concern was and is to satisfy all their requirements, with maximum quality and professionalism.

Quality and professionalism mean for us product diversity, promptness of the services offered and a high production capacity.

Boromir places at the center of its concerns the full satisfaction of the client, a client who returns every time to a quality product, designed and offered with professionalism.

One of our most appreciated and very well-known products are:

Boromir Cozonac, it is a traditional sweet swirl brioche filled with walnuts,raisins,orange peels cocoa and rum.

Another amazing product is pound cake with different fillings like chocolate,lemon cream,milk cream and cocoa.

The amazing taste and the softness of our products is given by the high quality ingredients and by the technology used to be made.

In the end, what matters is that Boromir shares joy for over 25 years through traditional, exceptional and innovative products.